Checkers, Anyone?


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Checkers, Anyone?

After carefully vacuuming sanding dust from the whole board and wiping it down with a tack cloth for good measure, I re-stained the edges of the board. While that was drying, I flipped the board over and applied the first coat of clear polyurethane to the back side of the board. (Stain colors the wood; polyurethane protects it.)

I noticed that the polyurethane coating seemed to be setting up really quickly as I applied it. I'd had a heater running in my makeshift wood shop (laundry room), so on a hunch I decided to check the temp of my board with an IR thermometer.

Taking the temperature
Taking the temperature

It turns out that my polyurethane (which had been stored in the laundry room) and my checkerboard were both quite warm.

Over 80 degrees (the surface I was painting with polyurethane)

I used the same IR thermometer to check the temperature in a guest bedroom. Much cooler here.

Another temperature
Another temperature reading

I stored the polyurethane in the cooler room (between coats) and pulled the checkerboard out of the hot room to cool for 20 minutes or so just before applying additional coats. This worked much better. By going on cool, the polyurethane didn't set up quite so quickly and I was able to get a consistent coat across the whole surface before turning on the heater so it could dry faster.

The project was actually a lot of fun and the resulting checkerboard, while somewhat rustic and imperfect, turned out pretty well. I ordered a set of 1.5" wooden checker pieces to go with the board and those matched nicely too (they're natural and dark-stained pieces like the board). In the Christmas rush, I neglected to take a picture of the completed board. I'll try to track one down and add to this post later.

So I've done my part. Now it's up to my brother to see if he can win at Checkers against my niece and nephew. (My money's on the kids!)


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