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pewag [Visitor]
09 suzi crossover tech - instrument panel (clock, temp , mileage) LED lights , incomplete readout intermittantly. Sometimes can see all numbers , sometimes can only see "top half" of numbers on panel, is it a bulb ? a fuse ? any advise on repair appreciated !
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Jim Moore [Visitor]
Hi new visitor here i watched Northern exposure again last month wathd the whole series in a couple of weeks i cannot get enough of it
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Redbeard [Visitor]
Just played checkers with Arthur last night - good times!
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In response to: Checkers, Anyone?

Lisa Bissell Paulson [Visitor]
Wow Daryl, really impressive! I love the idea of handmade Christmas presents and you have really done a fabulous job! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to you and yours. Lisa
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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

jimmy [Visitor]
helpful and informative. need awd in va with good mpg.
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In response to: Enough "Posh" Already!

Treadmill Traci [Visitor] ·
Soccer moms can come in all varieties. This is one soccer mom you don't usually see. I wonder if her son gets as much attention as the mirror.
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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

haooy owner [Visitor]
i have had a sx4 crossover for 8 mos. love it. it is great in snow. the RRO lift kit is great. i know a lot of members at have the lift kit and are very satisfied with it. also for anyone considering a SX4, bear in mind they also have a SX4 "sportback" model which only has the FWD option. the crossover is the one with FWD/AWD.
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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

Fay [Visitor] · http://Fay
Thanks for all the comments. Test drove the new 2 litre version today in the UK. Had real problems getting out last year, a light snow flutter causes grid lock on our roads and my job necessitates me trying to get to work. Was not sure about getting the Suzuki or a bigger 4X4, test drove a ford and nissan as well. Liked the drive in the suzuki, handled well obviously not in snow, but ws concerned about how it would handle in bad snow conditions being a cross over. Your comments have helped me to decide, the suzuki is cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and does the job. Thanks for being so helpful.
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In response to: Enough "Posh" Already!

Dentists West Hollywod [Visitor] ·
All of the Beckham's kids are so cute. I really like this picture of victoria because she actually looks laid back rather than dressed up to the nines just to be at the park. Dressed like this she makes a very cute mom.
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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

daryl [Member]
@Mike Allen--I believe the transaxle lock is standard on all the 2009 models--and maybe later as well. It's a part of the 2WD/4WD switch--you press that button forward and hold until the "LOCK" indicator comes on in your instrument cluster. The lock stays engaged until ~30MPH, when the car automatically reverts to "Auto" mode.

The lift kit looks pretty sweet. There have been times I've wished for a little more clearance. I'll be curious what you think if you try this out--post an update back here if you think of it!

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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

Mike Allen [Visitor]
I know this is an old post but I'm looking at a 2009 sx4 now. Is that trans-axle lock standard? I drove a 2011 yesterday and the salesman never mentioned it. Also, for your information these guys:
make what seems to be an easy- to- install lift kit for the sx4, that's what I'm planning on doing with mine. And no, I don't work for them.
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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

Matt T. [Visitor]
I want to put in my two cents. I have owned an SX4 crossover for over a year now. I live in Buffalo, NY. This car is superb in even the heavy lake effect snow we receive here in Buffalo. My car has not been stuck in the recent 36 inch snowstorm we got last week. The bottom clearance is the only thing to keep in mind. I don't even have snow tires on it and it performed better than all expectations. Go Suzuki, I will pass this on to my daughter and buy another when the time is right!!
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In response to: A Bachelor's Guide to Twice-Baked Potatoes

Sue [Visitor]
I'm immmpressed! With the potates AND the demonstration! Great start to a new cook book line :) I wonder if coconut cream would work as well? Just might try it for Christmas... Have a great day tomorrow!! :)
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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

daryl [Member]
Richard--I hope you get some early snow! You won't be disappointed. I've had my 2009 Crossover for just about a year now--still delighted with the car. I picked up a small nail in the left-rear tire recently resulting in a very slow leak.
The Suzuki's pressure sensor noticed the problem before I could even see that the tire was getting low--I got the yellow warning light on the dash when pressure was down to 20-25 psi. Still enough air to drive the car safely to get the tire fixed. Like all the other systems built into the car, it worked flawlessly.

I hope you're as happy with your SX4 as I've been with mine. Now bring on the snow this winter!

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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

Richard Pealer [Visitor]
Thank you Daryl, for one of the best overall reviews I've read on the SX4. I just purchased a new 2009 Crossover with, iAWD, 5spd, and the Tech package. I did have a moon-roof installed at the dealer. Glad I did. Thanks again for a great "user" review. I'm looking forward to a little snow in Pittsburgh, PA.
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In response to: Enough "Posh" Already!

Danny [Visitor]
couldn't agree more!
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In response to: Nanostructured Super-Thermite

Yvonne [Visitor]
This picture reminds of the terrible tragedy! So many people died!
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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

daryl [Member]
The SX4 was outstanding throughout the snow storm. My Dodge Dakota was down for the count--I'd usually use that in snow, but the 4-wheel-drive wouldn't engage (turns out there was a bad vacuum line to the front differential). So I used the SX4 for all my transportation--and it never missed a beat.

No exaggeration: I expected the Suzuki would do pretty well, but it was absolutely phenomenal on packed snow, loose snow, icy snow, etc. The *only* minor drawback I experienced was the SX4's ground clearance. It wasn't a problem--didn't stop me from getting around, but there were a few days when snow was scrubbing the undercarriage while I tracked through the wheel ruts in roads that hadn't been plowed.

I used the AWD-Lock (transaxle lock) mode once or twice--e.g., to climb an up-hill driveway with ~8" of medium-wet snow that hadn't been packed down yet. But after some experimenting it became obvious that the computer-controlled i-AWD mode was almost always a better choice. Really amazing how the car will claw through the snow.

At one point during the storm, neighborhood roads were slick enough that a county sheriff's patrol car was left parked at the bottom of a hill. I was able to drive past and climb the hill with little problem. (The Suzuki's "slip" indicator would light up on the dash, but the i-AWD always kept a reasonably solid grip on the road--I never felt like the car was going out of control, ever.)

A note about the SX4's clearance: it's (obviously) a car--not a Jeep or 4x4 truck or even a Subaru wagon (e.g., the Outback has a bit more clearance). But mitigating the somewhat lower clearance is the SX4's shorter wheelbase--which really comes in handy when navigating tight spaces like small parking lots in the snow. The traction control & i-AWD work together to make that an easy task. The added maneuverability makes it possible to avoid obstacles that might otherwise pose a clearance problem--where a truck would simply have to drive over them.

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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

Jay [Visitor]
So we've gotten a little snow this year in Portland. Do you still like the car? How'd it do through the Christmas storms?
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In response to: Suzuki SX4 in the Snow

daryl [Member]
Not just a slick parking lot...a TREACHEROUSLY slick parking lot!

The second option the Garmin gave was (apparently) a business office related to Timberline Lodge, down the hill.

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