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Russian Nuke Experts Killed in Plane Crash

Five Russian nuclear experts involved in the development of the Iranian nuclear facility at Arak were among 44 people killed when a RusAir Tupolev-134 aircraft crashed while landing at Petrozavodsk on Monday.

Crashed RusAir Tupolev-134
The wreckage of Tu-134 plane, belonging to the RusAir airline, is seen on a highway near the city of Petrozavodsk Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

Is it coincidence that 5 top experts all involved in a controversial project were killed at the same time? The crash is under investigation.

In December 2010, this blog included a story about two other nuclear scientists involved in the same Iranian plant who were murdered.

More coincidences?

The full story


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Station on Mars?

Amateur investigator David Martines stumbled upon an apparently artificial structure on the surface of the Red Planet while scanning Google Mars photographs recently.

Mars Station
Frame-grab from a YouTube video showing what appears to be an artificial structure on the surface of Mars.

The YouTube video is even more compelling (although I wish it had been generated using Google Earth's built-in tools for recording a flyover instead of having been a video recording of a computer screen during a Google Earth flyover).

NASA hasn't commented yet.

YouTube video of "Bio Station Alpha"
Daily Mail Online article


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Stuxnet "Cyber Missile"?

The Stuxnet computer virus, reportedly discovered in July, appears to be specifically designed to target industrial systems. Like, say, an Iranian nuclear plant.

Stuxnet Malware

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Mystery Missile Launch Off the Coast of LA

A rather large sea-launched missile punched through the sunset haze around 35 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, north of Catalina Island Monday evening, but neither the Navy nor the Pentagon admits to knowing where it came from.

Mysterious sea-launched missile
Mysterious sea-launched missile caught by a local TV news helicopter near sundown November 8, 2010.

Being so far at sea, it's unlikely to have been an amateur rocket launch. Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Ellsworth conjectured, "It could be a test-firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile from a submarine . . . to demonstrate, mainly to Asia, that we can do that." (President Obama was in Asia at the time).

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Triangle UFO caught on NASA TV?

A triangle-shaped object appears in one frame of a NASA video feed from the International Space Station, October 17, 2010.

Triangle-shaped object near ISS
A triangle-shaped object visible in one frame of video taken from the International Space Station October 17, 2010.

The YouTube video animation includes both half-speed and quarter-speed passes through the video which included the triangle-shaped object. Notice the area around where the triangle disappears--there's a brief disruption in the light level immediately following its appearance and then disappearance. It's as though the space around the "object" grows faintly lighter for a frame or two following its abrupt disappearance. Compression artifacts in the video? Or a byproduct of cloaking? I'm just sayin'...


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