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Russian Nuke Experts Killed in Plane Crash

Five Russian nuclear experts involved in the development of the Iranian nuclear facility at Arak were among 44 people killed when a RusAir Tupolev-134 aircraft crashed while landing at Petrozavodsk on Monday.

Crashed RusAir Tupolev-134
The wreckage of Tu-134 plane, belonging to the RusAir airline, is seen on a highway near the city of Petrozavodsk Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

Is it coincidence that 5 top experts all involved in a controversial project were killed at the same time? The crash is under investigation.

In December 2010, this blog included a story about two other nuclear scientists involved in the same Iranian plant who were murdered.

More coincidences?

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Stuxnet "Cyber Missile"?

The Stuxnet computer virus, reportedly discovered in July, appears to be specifically designed to target industrial systems. Like, say, an Iranian nuclear plant.

Stuxnet Malware

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2nd (Secret) Israeli Iran Attack Exercise?

This just came up on Fox News a few minutes ago (~10:08am PDT):

Kelly WrightThe anchor (Kelly Wright) cuts to a story about Israel's military drill being conducted over the last couple of days which some surmise is a dry-run rehearsal for an attack on Iran. (Israel has clearly and publicly stated that a nuclear-armed Iran is not an option, and Iran has been unwilling to halt its Uranium enrichment program, insisting that the nuclear fuel will only be used for power production).

Greg BurkeKelly then cuts to Fox News' Greg Burke, live in Jerusalem (Israel)--8:08pm local time. Kelly starts by asking him about the sitation with the military exercise and Greg Burke begins to describe the situation.

Kelly: "How serious is Israel about this?"

Greg: "Well, uh, Kelly I think they're deadly serious--the best way to describe this. Israel has actually been preparing for about two years for a possible attack, and, uh, we've actually learned that there were TWO large-scale exercises, not just one but two large-scale exercises. Sort of dry runs..."

Then the picture goes black. No sound, no image.

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Sports Cars and Angels

Last Friday afternoon my father, returning by car from a job-related day trip to the Big Lake Youth Camp (located a few miles outside Sisters, OR, in the Cascade mountains) encountered the unforgiving shoulder of the narrow road winding through the mountains between Estacada and Detroit Lake and rolled his beloved Mazda RX-7 in the process.

Mazda RX-7
Dad's Mazda RX-7, after being rolled back to an upright position by a tow truck's winch.

Ripplebrook, ORThe accident happened approximately 3 miles from the Ripplebrook Ranger's Station (see arrow on map for approximate location). This is a stretch of beautiful mountain road well east of the more populated Willamette Valley.

But despite sustaining enough damage to total the RX-7 several times over, Dad was able to crawl out of the upside-down vehicle through the rear hatch unscathed, except for a few minor scratches on his arm from broken glass.

The right-front tire hit some gravel in the sunken shoulder of the road. He tried to correct without turning too far to the left (as THAT side of the road drops 20-30 feet to a whitewater river below). Unfortunately the right-front corner of the car clipped an Alder tree and struck rocks in the right-side ditch, spinning the car 180 degrees and rolling it onto its top.

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Airline Computer Crashes...

Have you noticed the computer crashes the airlines have had recently? Probably not, unless you've had to wait a couple of hours for a delayed flight. The crashes don't seem to have earned much coverage on the news.

FAA SealOn Friday, June 8, an FAA computer system in Atlanta involved in processing pilots' flight plans crashed.

The problem (whatever it had been) was corrected and the system put back online by 11:00am Friday, but the crash caused air traffic delays and cancellations up and down the eastern seaboard all day.

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